Raw Grub Made Easy

3-Day Start or Restart

This ebook is a simple way for you to either try raw for 3 days or, restart. 

As Spring has sprung, this is the perfect opportunity to learn a bit about what being raw is and can be while cleaning up your food program OR, getting back to raw with a full 3-day menu, shopping list and more!

I’ve created a menu where you can pick and choose what you want to eat.
I suggest checking each evening to see if you need to soak seeds or nuts.
There’s a “How to Do This”, “Tips”, a Menu, Shopping List and Resources are at the bottom of every page. 

I’ve kept it simple while nourishing and satisfying. The trick is to never feel deprived our starving.

Feel free to repeat the menu as often as you like. Eat what you like, when you want it.

This is FREE!

Remember too, always, play with your food!


Revvell P. Revati, N.H.P.