Holistic vs. Allopathic Natural Healing

on Saturday, 13 December 2014. Posted in Freedom

Whole Person Health and Healing

I awakened this morning thinking about some posts in groups I'm in. At one level, I feel that with all many of us have done and how far many of us have come, people STILL feel the need to do what we did. In fact, they COULD bypass much of it and heal SO much faster! These groups, books, videos weren't even around when I began.

For instance, when I first began my self-healing journey almost 40 years ago, I did what I now call "allopathic natural healing" meaning I had a symptom and then I read an article on what vitamin/mineral/herbal tea/product, I could purchase to eliminate that symptom. Believe me, I went through a LOT! I also joined a whole lot of mlm (multi-level marketing) companies in the process! Might as well have someone else "pay for my products", right? Wrong! That rarely happened.

I found only one line of products that made a difference for me yet they were SO expensive AND it was temporary and, I was not the best sales person. Only when someone said, "you look great! What have you been doing?" I'd mention the product. Problem was, people who didn't know me, didn't know the "before" and "after".

For the asthma, I tried every vitamin, herbal tea, chiropractor, acupuncture. What made a temporary difference was the acupuncture when I was in the midst of almost dying from an attack and the chiropractor who recommended certain herbs as teas. YET! Those were temporary solutions!

What to do? Well, I found someone who worked with me on changing my health and, my occupation! (KNEW I had to share what I was learning and continue to learn). He told me he'd only work with me if I went vegetarian. O.k., well, I'd planned on that for 9 years previous yet, had no clue how to do it healthfully so, it didn't happen. I also had to eliminate wheat and dairy. That made a HUGE difference.... I'd say 70-80% with the asthma. Then, we had to deal with the emotional aspect. Now, in truth, we didn't work specifically with the asthma. We worked with overall ~ holistic ~ health and healing which included the food program, movement, rest, water and mental-emotionl balancing. (Allopathic or "western medicine" rarely does this!) Doing this, the asthma ~ which had almost killed me twice ~ went away of its own accord. My skin improved! My suicidal depression eventually disappeared! my sub-personalities became aligned ~ for the most part.) Misperceptions (on my part) balanced out! My heart issues disappeared as did my allergies. In other words, true holistic healing.

Understand, our bodies are not like cars where the transmission has a problem, the mechanic pulls the transmission fixes it ~ done! When we have an issue with (seemingly) one organ or system, or have a dis-ease (a bunch of symptoms the docs have given a name to), everything is out of balance, not just that one organ, system or symptom yet, we tend to "treat" the organ, system or symptom instead of the whole person. THAT's what holistic means! Upgrading the level of health across the board.

So many times, I have people tell me, "I've tried everything and nothing works!" There's NO WAY one can "try" everything. Either they've not gone deep enough into what they've "tried" or they've not done it long enough. Taking a pill, rubbing on essential oil or an herb for something is just a distraction or a temporary "band-aid". Upgrade your food program, get up and move, get enough rest, drink enough water, balance your emotions .... Life is simple. Stop complicating it.

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