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on Wednesday, 07 January 2015. Posted in Freedom

Eat to Meet Long-Term Goals, Not Short-Term Satisfaction

The reason I began the "Eat to Live" program was because I wanted to eliminate excess fat and weight in the most healthy manner. 6-8 of my friends were doing it and receiving fantastic results as in dropping about 1 pound per day without starvation and/or deprivation. They had "tried" McDougall's "Starch Solution" first, began dropping weight, then stopped. What turned them on to Fuhrman is the "nutrient-density" part of his program. Focusing on greens, color-filled vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts and seeds made sense. It seems most, if not all of the above have more nutrients, micro/phyto, etc., and anti-cancer properties than starchy foods which, for many lend to overeating not to mention the stuff they tend to put on starches. So, I borrowed the book from the library, twice. I borrowed it on Kindle.... then bought the Kindle version AND the paperback. I mark my books, I reread my books. My books are a mess yet I read and reread and reread ~ O.k., did I drop the weight? Yep! Easily, creating fun meals, new tastes, new textures... BUT, side benefits! The environmental allergies/animal and foods ~ disappeared. Most importantly for me, the heart issues I was experiencing almost daily by that time ~ tachycardia and angina ~ lessened and now, have stopped! THAT I did not expect! This is NOT a food program that you stop after reaching your weight goal. It's a lifetime of health ~ NUTRIENT~ DENSE! Can't beat that!

Unlike people who drop weight with gimmicks ~ ONLY juicing, smoothies, whatever, this program provides nutrients, fiber, etc. Not saying don't juice, don't smoothie (I have a smoothie almost daily) ... I AM saying EAT FOOD!

When I see all the "detox" programs going on as I'm posting this I just shake my head. It is SO easy to be nourished and allow your body to detox by eating food. The fiber in the food will take anything that needs to be removed with it. It's so simple people don't "believe" it works! Well, it does! Eat food! Simple!

Eat to Live

Eat for Health

End of Dieting

Most of all, feel free to play with your food! You're old enough now! :-)





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