Craving and "Treats"

on Sunday, 14 June 2015. Posted in Freedom

What to Do?

So often I see people posting on forums or just saying "... this is a healthy 'treat'" or "Don't deny yourself a (SAD) treat" or "Eat whatever you want once a week".... then people complain about cravings while "attempting" to eat healthier. "Oh! You'll never be able to change your diet if you deny yourself "treats" every once-in-awhile."

Question is, is that true?

What I've found personally is, as long as I indulge in nutrient-less "treats" and that could be something as simple as bread to something such as red velvet cake or even a once-in-awhile raw vegan dessert, I'll always desire and make up excuses for eating junk! That taste, that desire stays there!

On the other hand, when I've not indulged in a few weeks of not eating sugary, salty, oily junk, I may HAVE the craving at some point, have the item and go.... "Euuuuuwww! Ick! WTH??? Yuck!" That's when I know I'm over it!

Sure, there are times when I'm out shopping and haven't eaten that a craving comes around yet, now, I can walk by the stuff and, it doesn't look like food anymore. I'll be sure to pick up something I REALLY enjoy, like cherries and have at 'em!

Two of the hardest things for me to eliminate were bread and cheese. Now, my honey has both in the house and, no desire. Why? Partly because I have indulged and find I couldn't feel any life force in either. Not like I can feel in food!

With cheese too, I don't like the taste or texture. It's become "ICK! "

Whenever I see someone post something in a group/forum that you "should" eat on "special occasions" my first question is, "Where are the nutrients?" Yes, I can see TAKING something to an event that looks familiar to people (and leaving any leftovers there) yet, why not something that is healthy and nutrient-dense? Why does it have to be something "familiar"? Why not let people know who you are? Let them taste how good "healthy" can taste AND feel? Letting folks know what you eat? How about being real?

So, how to get past this? Eat nutrient-dense foods and lots of them! When fruit is in season, indulge! One of the best things I've learned to do for myself is, after eating a fully satisfying, nutrient-dense meal and I STILL feel hungry, I know it's because I've probably not gotten enough of the "sweet taste" so, I have one, maybe two medjool dates or, some sweet, juicy melon. I'm done!

Oh! Another thing I've found is, when I'm nutritionally satisfied, I can feel when I eat something that's nutritionally-deficient and what I crave is something with nutrients!!! How fun is that?

Remember too ~ always ~ play with your food!


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